Round Table Contest #5

Stand-Up Competition

along with Locally Grown Comedy

Calling all comics…

Win a coveted spot…

…On one of the hottest stand-up shows in Los Angeles.

Showcase your talents, earn a spot on the Locally Grown Comedy stage, and add your name to the long list below*


First Place: $100 & a spot on Locally Grown Comedy’s October 30, 2018 show!

Second Place: $50

Third Place: $25

Locally Grown Comedy

Wendy Liebman hosts the Locally Grown Comedy Show the last Tuesday of the month at Vitello’s Supper Club

4349 Tujunga Avenue

Studio City, CA 91604

Tickets are $15 (plus 2-item minimum)

Mark your calendar and come see a great show!


Locally Grown Comedy, Wendy Liebman’s monthly stand-up show in Studio City CA , has quickly flourished into one of the hottest nights of Los Angeles entertainment. Performers such as George Lopez, Kevin Nealon, Taylor Tomlinson, Carol Liefer, Judy Carter, Brian Kiley, and Drew Lynch have graced the stage. (Full list of performers below*)

For this contest, Locally Grown Comedy is teaming up with Gene Perret’s Round Table for a unique opportunity.  In addition to a cash price, the winner of this contest will be given a 6-minute spot on the Locally Grown Comedy stage!  Many comedians are placed on a waiting list, but as the winner of the Round Table Stand-Up Contest you will move right to the top and be given a coveted spot on October 30, 2018!


FIRST PRIZE: $100 and a spot on the October 30, 2018 Locally Grown Comedy Show held at Vitello’s Supper Club (4349 Tujunga Ave., Studio City, CA 91604)




To Enter: There are three elements to this contest…

  1. There is no entry fee for this contest but you must be a current Round Table subscriber through the duration of the contest — from entry to the date of the show. To subscribe go to
  2. You must submit a clip or link to a video (Youtube or your own website is fine) of you performing stand-up. It doesn’t have to be the material you’ll perform at the show, but it should be a good representation of your comedy style and performance skills. You can also make your own video as long as it demonstrates your stand-up skills.
  3. And because we think comedians should always be writing, we want you to submit a 15-joke monologue on the topic of Stand-Up Comedy.
* Previous Performers at Locally Grown Comedy as of April 2018 Include:  Orny Adams, Carlos Alazraqui, Jamie Alcroft, Mariya Alexander, Amy Anderson, Ant, Jo Anne Astrow, Ashley Barnhill, Greg Behrendt, Johnny Beehner, Peter Berman, Gloria Bigelow, Stephanie Blum, Alonzo Bodden, Shane Brady, Mark Brazill, Gary Brightwwell, Jenna Brister, Dylan Brody, Jimmy Brogan, Matthew Broussard, Kathy Buckley, Dave Burleigh, Jimmy Burns, Rachel Butera, Steve Byrne, Bryan Callen, Tony Camin, Blaine Capatch, John Caponera, Jeff Capri, John Carney, Darren Carter, Judy Carter, Cedric the Entertainer, Jeff Cesario, Rich Chassler, Faith Choyce, Jack Coen, Fritz Coleman, Genevieve Coleman, Bobby Collins, Mo Collins, Craig Phillip Conant, Jane Condon, James P. Connelly, Alycia Cooper, Ed Crasnick, DJ Demers, Anthony Desamito, Debra DiGiovanni, Lou Dinos, Matt Donaher, Ed Driscoll, Al Ducharme, Kyle Dunnigan, Jimmy Dunn, Bil Dwyer, Dana Eagle, Hannah Einbinder, Graham Elwood, Joanie Fagan, Wayne Federman, Fortune Feimster, Julian Fernandez, Bruce Fine, Hugh Fink, Sara Fisher, Greg Fitzsimmons, Jackie Flynn, Kirk Fox, Brian Frazer, Stephen Furey, Mary Gallagher, Chris Garcia, Billy Gardell, David Gee, Michael Gelbart, Steve Gillespie, Nikki Glaser, Anthony Griffith, Adam Gropman, Arsenio Hall, Betsy Hammer, Jim Hands, JF Harris, Allan Havey, Laura Hayden, Pat Hazell, John Henson, Nick Hoff, Steve Hoftstetter, Helen Hong, Angela Hoover, Jeremy Hotz, D.L. Hughley, Adam Hunter, Anthony Jeselnik, Jenny Johnson, Danny Jolles, Laurence Juber, Erin Judge, Amir K, Randy Kagan, Jann Karam, Jackie Kashian, Mary Kennedy, Roberta Kent, Julie Kidd (Single Mom The Musical), Brian Kiley, Laurie Kilmartin, Andy Kindler, Jen Kober, Sue Kolinsky,  Bobby Kosser, Michael Kosta, Jo Koy, Cathy Ladman, Dean Larit, Scott LaRose, Carol Leifer, Dan Levy, Matt Lieb, Mark Lonow, George Lopez, Randy Lubas, Al Lubel, Bernadette Luckett, Drew Lynch, Ron Lynch, Grant Lyon, Tracey MacDonald, Joel Madison, Peter Marr, Wes Martens, Chris Martin, Steve Mazan, Suli McCullough, Jim McDonald, Liam McEneaney, Don McEnery, Peter Mehlman, John Mendoza, Damienne Merlina, Felicia Michaels, Jodi Miller, Larry Miller, Steve Mittleman, Dani Klein Modisett, Brian Monarch, Matthew Moore, Paul Morrissey, John Mulaney, Allan Murray, Kevin Nealon, Leslie Nesbitt, Chris Newberg, Tracy Newman, Diane Nichols, Frank Nicotero, Tig Notaro, Terri Nunn, Bobbie Oliver, Gregg Otto, Rick Overton, Tom Papa, Erik Passoja, Bernadette Pauley, Ruben Paul, Russell Peters, Henry Phillips, Monica Piper, Mark Pitta, Gene Pompa, Lydia Popovich, Joe Praino, Rick Pulido, Marty Rackham, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Jennifer Rawlings, Dennis Regan, Erica Rhodes, Tom Rhodes, Tommy Rico, John Riggi, Steven Roberts, Karen Rontowski, Marty Ross, Jeff Rothpan, Mike Rowe, Joby Saad, Vance Sanders, Lew Schneider, Flip Schultz, Eric Schwartz, Brian Scolaro, Mike Scully, Mark Schiff, Alex Sherman, Beth Sherman, Iliza Shlesinger, Jimmy Shubert, Ritch Shydner, Janice Silver, The Sklar Brothers (Randy & Jason), Frazer Smith, Trevor Smith, Carrie Snow, Joshua Snyder, Kira Soltanovich, Jeff Stilson, Jason Stuart, Pat Susmilch, Judy Tenuta, Bobby Tessel, Sarah Tiana, Taylor Tomlinson, Lisa-Gay Tremblay, Murray Valeriano, Maronzio Vance, Tracie Walker, Lisa Ann Walter, Sonja Warfield, Troy Walker, Jason Webb, Brad Wenzel, Suzanne Whang, Steve White, Dave Williamson, Taylor Williamson, Allee Willis, Anita Wise, Pauline Yasuda, Steve Young, Bob Zany, Jeff Zenisek, and Chad Zumock.


  1. The formal entry form must accompany your submission. To request your Entry Form email us at
  2. All entries must be received by September 15, 2018 (11:59 pm PST).
  3. A video or link to a video must be included. Only one video is allowed. If multiple links are submitted only one will be reviewed for consideration.
  4. The written monologue must be original and not previously published.
  5. Judges will be looking at both the video and the written monologue when making their decisions.
  6. Winners will be determined by October 1, 2018. Decisions by the judges are final.
  7. Payment of Prizes will be by check in US Funds, drawn on a US Bank.
  8. The comedian is responsible for all travel expenses to and from the show. If the First Place Winner is unable to perform on October 30, 2018, he or she forfeits the opportunity, but retains the cash prize. Locally Grown Comedy and Round Table have the right to pick an alternate performer. In the unlikely event the show is cancelled or postponed, an alternate date will be arranged.
  9. All material is the property of the writer.  By entering you allow Round Tableto print any or all of your lines on its website and/or in related PR. In addition, Round Table may share your information with the Producers of Locally Grown Comedy.
  10. For entries to be considered, comedians must be a current member of Round Table. You can subscribe at Non-subscriber entries won’t be considered.
  11. Round Table is not responsible for misdirected, unreceived, or unviewable emails/submissions.
  12. Any submission not in compliance with these rules will be disqualified and ineligible for any prizes.

Good luck to everyone!

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