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Contest Entry Fee

Submissions are now being accepted for Joke Writing Competition #4 - Elections. For complete rules and details visit the Contest Page on this website.  Entry Fees are non-refundable.

Good Luck!


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Teachers' Lessons Last a Lifetime

Coming in September…just in time for the new school year!  Pre-Orders are being accepted for the 4th book in the series of joke books by Gene and Linda Perret.  Teachers put up with a lot – chaotic classrooms, parents, school boards, other faculty members and not to mention, students.  With this book your can reward the teachers in your life with a few laughs.

Teachers’ Lessons Last a Lifetime (Or at least until the next exam) is a hardcover book with a cutout front cover that features 175 original jokes that honoring the teaching profession. 


Cover Golf.jpg
Golf is Punishment for Not Taking up Another Sport

Golf can be demanding game.  The best way to have fun playing golf is to simply have fun playing golf.  Somestimes that means laughing at the other player; sometimes that means laughing at yourself.  Golf is Punishment for Not Taking Up Another Sport pokes fun at this sport.  It's the perfect gift for the golfer in your life.  

A hardcover book with a cutout front cover, this is the 3rd book in the collection of joke books by Gene and Linda Perret, featuring 175 original jokes. 


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Master Course: 2-Person Routine (Ventriloquist)

A 12-week email course that walks you through the process of writing a 2-person comedy monologue.  Geared towards ventriloquists, this course is beneficial to comedy writiers who want toexplore other markets.   


Mother Always Knows Best

Mother Always Knows Best (At least According to Her) By Gene Perret and Linda Perret.  175 warm, witty, respectful laughs about moms and their children. Perfect give for Mother's Day.

This is the first in a series of gift joke books by Gene and Linda Perret!



Old Age is the Absence of Youth

Old Age is the Absence of Youth (And a Lot of Other Things) by Gene Perret and Linda Perret.  

A Collection of wit and wisdom about the joys and trials of gowing old gracefully...or not. This is the perfect gift for that person in your life who may not be over the hill but is quickly approaching it..

This is the 2nd book in the collection of gift joke books by Gene and Linda Perret.  It is a hardcover with a cutout front cover featuring 175 original jokes on aging.


New Tricks for Old Dogs

28 Lauaghable Lessons for People Too Stiff to Change or Bend or Move.Self-help books offer solid, beneficial techniques, but they really only work for the young. Award-winning comedy writer Gene Perret reveals that more mature devotees must adjust these techniques, tweak them, alter them, and in some cases, ignore them completely.



How to Succeed with Your Homeowner's Association


After working with HOAs for over 20 years, Linda Perret has compiled information to help homeowners understand and co-exist peacefully in their association.  How to Succeed with Your Homeowner's Association explains the ins and outs of an HOA wihtout taking sides.  Instead it focuses on explaining both sides and working towards the same ultimate goal of a beautiful, peaceful neighborhood.


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Comedy Writer Bookmark/Gift Tag

Just in time for the holidays! A bookmark/gift tag that features the poem "The Comedy Writer" Gene Perret.  The back of the bookmark has says "To:, From: and Keep Laughing!"

The bookmark measure 2.5 x 8.5 inches and has a ribbon tie to attach to all your holiday packages.  

The cost is $3.50 for 4; or $1.50 each.  Price includes mailing charges.

Price: $

Comedy Writing Self-Taught Cover.jpg
Comedy Writing Self-Taught

The professional skill-building course in writing stand-up, sketch and situation comedy by Gene Perret.  This book demonstrates how you can teach yourself the tricks of the comedy writing trade by observing, analyzing, and replicating those who have already mastered the skills. 



Comedy Writing Self Taught Workbook Cover.jpg
Comedy Writing Self-Taught Workbook

A companion book to Comedy Writing Self-Taught, this workbook by Gene Perret and Linda Perret offers more than 100 practical writing exercises to develop your comedy writing skills.  With or without the companion, Comedy Writing Self-Taught Workbook will help you develop your skills and be ready for your big break.  


The Ten Commandments of Comedy

NEW! Now Available  By Gene Perret.  In this hardcover book, Gene gives his common sense rules to make comedy work.  As a writer or performer, you can check your work against these rules to make sure your humor will be surefire.


Master Course in Joke Writing with Gene Perret

One of our most popular courses.  The Master Course in Joke Writing is a 12-Week email program.  Assignments are emailed to students, they work on the lessons, send their work back to us, and Gene reviews it and emails back his comments.    Program is now being offered year-round and you may start at any time.


Master Course: Monologue Writing

NEW! 8 Steps to Writing YOUR Monologue.  This one of Round Table's email courses. With this course, we walk you through the process of generating a monologue.  The finished monologue will be yours based on your topic and using your lines.  We will offer feedback and comments on your work through the process.  In addition, we will show you have we used the system to develop our own monologue.  At the conclusion of he course, you will have 2 routines.


Book Now - Cover.jpg
Write Your Book NOW! By Gene Perret. Listed as #3 in The Writer's "10 of 2011's Terrific Writing Books." of Gene shares his system to help you finish the book you've always wanted to write. $15.95

Breakfasts with Archangel Shecky By Gene Perret. In this entertaining allegory, Archangel Shecky dispenses his "divine" wisdom to a struggling young comic from Philadelphia. His counsel is not limited to show business. Archangel Shecky's no-nonsense advice will be just the thing you need to become a success in your field of endeavor. $19.95

Step by step.jpg
The New Comedy Writing Step by Step By Gene Perret. Many working writers and comedians confirm that the earlier edition of this book was influential in launching or furthering their careers. This is the new revised and updated version. $14.95

Tales from the Script

The Behind-the-Camera Adventures of a TV Comedy Writer by Gene Perret. Gene began his writing career as a hobby in Philadelphia. He transformed it into a full-time career writing for some of the biggest names in Hollywood.


Talk About Hope: Two Bob Hope Writers Trade Stories By Gene Perret and Martha Bolton. Gene and Martha share their stories of working with Bob Hope -- the rehearsals, late minute line changes, and even those infamous writers' meetings. A tribute to a great entertainer by two of his writers. $6.95

richer writer.jpg
Become a Richer Writer By Gene Perret. An inspirational guide for getting your career moving faster and further -- no matter your current level. Learn to broaden your strengths, develop new areas and tackle new territory. $14.95 $9.95 On Sale!

Damn! That's Funny! Writing Humor You Can Sell! By Gene Perret. In this book, Gene shares his know-how on what makes readers laugh, where to find ideas, how to write humorous pieces, how to add humor to serious pieces and even how to market your material.


Creativity Cover.jpg
Unleashing Your Creativity After 50! Many of our dreams evaporated, dissolved, or were shunted aside for more traditional and practical pursuits. With families raise, roots set, and careers under control, it's time. Carpe Diem. Become the actor, writer, painter, craftsman you've always wanted to be. Gene knows something about being creative after 50. He shows the readers the whys and hows of getting your sidelined creativity back on track. $14.95

Grow Older.jpg
Growing Older is So Much Fun Everybody's Doing It By Gene Perret. With this book, you can laugh your way through the Golden Years. $6.95

Marriage is Forever...Some Days Longer By Gene Perret. Gene takes a humorous look at the institution of marriage. $6.95

Retirement: Twice the Time, Half the Money By Gene Perret. With this book, Gene shows you how to laugh your way through retirement. $6.95

Grandchildren are so Much Fun we Should have had Them first By Gene Perret. In this book, Gene takes a funny look at the magical relationship between grandparents and grandkids. $6.95

HMOs Home Remedies & Other Medical Jokes By Linda Perret. A funny look at the medical profession. This joke book pokes fun at the medical system, insurance, and even some of the crazy remedies people have tried to avoid doctors. $6.95

Hard Luck Jollies by Dobie Maxwell CD

CD featuring the comedy of Dobie Maxwell. There are 21 comedy bits featured on this one CD including the Semi-Official Mr. Lucky Song.


CD/Book Scott Wood Combo Pack

CD/Book Combination Package featuring Mr. Punchline, Scott Wood. 

Do I Look Stupid? is a live CD featuring 15 of Scott's comedy bits including "Buy in Bulk" and "Neighborhood Bully."

The Fast and The Funny! is a spiral bound book of exercises to get the comedy lines flowing.  This is a small 32-page book designed to be convenient to take along anywhere.


The Dented Can - Dobie Maxwell DVD

Dobie Maxwell has performed at many comedy clubs around the country, but now you can catch his act without leaving home.  This DVD features one of Dobie's live performances in this color DVD. Running time is 1 hour, 5 minutes. 


Comedy Writers Workout

Email program.  An exercise is emailed to participants on a weekly basis along with a deadline.  Work is sent back and RT will review and email you our comments. Fees:

$80.00 - 12 Weeks

$60.00 - 8 Weeks

$40.00 - 4 Weeks

Price: $


Round Table is an online subscription-based newsletter for people interested in a career in comedy writing and performing that was founded by Gene Perret. Features how-to articles, inspiration, interviews, markets and more. Rates are: $50.00 - 12 months $35.00 - 6 months $10.00 - 1 month

Price: $

Critiquing Services

Many of you have asked, so we have added our Critiquing Services to our online store.  If you have a routine, article, sketch, script, or book that you would like us to review you can so here.  Prices are:

Monologues (up to 35 jokes) - $100.00 each
Humorous Article (Up to 1200 words) - $75.00 each
Sketches - $75.00 each
Sitcoms (up to 50 pages) - $250.00      each
Book (Full Manuscript) - $350.00    each


Price: $

notepad 001_crop.jpg
Notepad - Things to do Tomorrow...

Things to do tomorrow that should have been done yesterday...

A gentle reminder of the things we need to get done is at top of this 100 page 4x6 in. notepad.  

Perfect stocking stuffer or a nice little pick up for the busy person in your life.




11-3-15 293_crop.jpg
Coaster - Naps

Cloth-covered foam coaster for all the nap lovers out t here.  It reads "One bad thing about can only take one at a time."  The coster is approx. 4x4 inch square and is perfect for your desk.  

Price Includes shipping!



11-3-15 291_crop.jpg
Potholder - Mother

"Mothers are angels with the wings makes them easier to hug."  Mom can know just how much you love her every time she's in the kitchen with this little reminder.  Potholder is blue with a terry-lined pocket for grasping hot items.  It has a hook for easy hanging and measures 6.5 inches square.

Prices includes shipping!



OrnamentIphone 079_crop.jpg
Christmas Ornament - Joke is a series...

NEW!  Just in time for the holidays!   A Christmas Tree Ornament featuring every comedy writer's mantra: A JOKE is a series of words that ends in a paycheck."  Ornament is red with gold lettering and measures approximately 3 inches in diameter.   

For a limited time:  This item is a free gift when you pre-order Gene and Linda's newest books.  Contact us for more details.


Round Table Coffee Mug

Enjoy your morning coffee with Round Table.  Limited Supply!

$8.95 $5.50 On Sale!