Round Table Contest #8





Above are three pictures – Picture A, Picture B, and Picture C. The only thing missing is the captions…And that’s your job. We want you to supply witty, funny, side-splitting captions to these cartoons.  And maybe win a few bucks!

We will be giving away 3 cash prizes for each Picture:

1st Place$30

2nd Place$20

3rd Place$15

Each caption will be judged separately so a writer may win one prize or more. In fact, one writer may win all 9 cash prizes.

In addition, we will have a random drawing. All writers who submitted a qualified entry and don’t win a cash prize will be eligible for the drawing. The winner will be given a $10 ROUND TABLE Gift Certificate.


Captions will be voted on by the public. ROUND TABLE will narrow down entries to the top 20 for each picture. We will post the top candidates and ask people to vote for their top 3 captions. ROUND TABLE will solicit votes and we encourage participants to get people to vote for their favorites.



Of course, we have to have some rules…

  1. Entry Fee for this contest is $5.00 but is FREE for all ROUND TABLE Subscribers. Writers must be current subscribers at the time the entry is submitted to qualify for the FREE entry. You can subscribe or pay your entry fee HERE.
  2. Each Entry Package is limited to 6 captions  but you can submit as many Entry Packages as you like. You may submit less than 6 captions, but no more than 6 per Entry Package is allowed.
  3. You may enter as often as you like. You also can divide your captions in any manner you choose–split evenly between Picture A, B and C; all for one picture; or any other division. Each Entry Package must comply with these rules and include the Entry Fee or qualify for free entries.
  4. Entries can be emailed to us at with the subject line of Contest 8. The Captions must be contained within the email. No attachments will be opened. Captions must be clearly marked for either Picture A or Picture B or Picture C. You may also submit your entries by mailing them to us at ROUND TABLE, PO Box 786, Agoura Hills, CA 91376. Each entry (up to 6 captions) must be mailed separately.
  5. Your name and mailing address must be included with your entry.
  6. Any entry deviating from these rules will be disqualified and entry fee forfeited.
  7. Entry Fees are non-refundable.
  8. ROUND TABLE will not acknowledge entries. ROUND TABLE is not responsible for misdirected, lost, or undeliverable emails/mail.
  9. Entries must be received by February 29, 2020 (11:59 p.m. PST).
  10. ROUND TABLE reserves the right to use submitted lines in advertising and promotion.
  11. Voting: Qualifying lines will be posted on the Contest Page of ROUND TABLE. Visitors will be asked to email their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place choices for ANY picture but can only vote once. Voting will be open until March 29, 2020.  ROUND TABLE will break any ties. Full voting requirements will be posted with the entries. Participants are encouraged to get people to vote.
  12. Writers who enter the contest are allowed to vote in the contest.
  13. Prizes will be awarded by checks and are US Funds, drawn on a US Bank.

If you have an idea for a contest, let us know!