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Don’t Think

By July 7, 2023Exercises

Here’s a little exercise that doesn’t take much time or effort but can provide tremendous insight.

So here it is:

Take a piece of paper and a pen…easy, peasy, right? Now without any thought write down three things you would like to write.
That’s it. The trick is to not think about. There are no right or wrong answers. Whatever pops into your head when given that question, put down on paper.

It can be the great American novel. Or a better closing for a bit in your act. Maybe a sitcom or even a biography on one of your favorite performers.

Often we tell ourselves what we should be working on. It may be because of money, or prestige, or just because others tell us we should be doing it. Then we push aside the projects we really want to tackle.

This little exercise helps to push those items back to the front. Seeing the list makes you aware of them. Of course, we still have to make a living but now when you find yourself with a little free time, you can work on these — your true desires.

This is also a good exercise to do when you find yourself burned out or disillusioned with the business. Seeing what you really want to do, may inspire you.