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    I will be interested in investigating any local contest as long as the fee is not too exorbitant. I believe it is a good way to continue to challenge myself, write new material, and work on my craft as a Comic Performer. I think the thing that frustrates me sometimes veteran Comics have more of an advantage. I feel like many competitions don’t have different categories – for example newcomer, some experience, and expert meaning TV Sets, etc. To be clear my intention is NOT to complain and I’m more than willing to pay my dues. It’s just that my experience has been that some contest want you to continue to go back year after year after year. Some of those competitions involve a great deal of finances in terms of traveling, Hotel Etc. So, at this point I only do local competitions. from a financial standpoint I had to stop doing competitions outside of California. I find that it’s that old Catch 22 you can’t get experience until you get a job, and you can get a job because you have NO ( little) experience. I’m more than willing to work hard, continue to write continue to perform, continue to go to open mics exedra, but I think sometimes competitions are geared more towards veterans that have been doing it for decades and decades. Sometimes I think competition should have different categories. Hopefully this post came across as insightful NOT bitchy. Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion. Sincerely, Dawn Grabowski

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)