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Just One

By February 7, 2022July 7th, 2023Exercises

It will come as no to surprise that here at ROUND TABLE we are very goal oriented. We go in for all the goal features – writing them down, posting notes, having reminders, etc. There is no goal too big or too far-fetched.

Sometimes we get so busy developing our goals that we forget to actually do anything to achieve them. That’s why for this exercise, though we are recommending something different:

Pick One Goal

That’s it. Just one. It can be something you’ve been meaning to try. It can be a brand-new idea or something you’ve been putting off. Or just something that got pushed to a back burner.

Take this one goal and make it your focus. Put it front and center. When you have time, work on it. Give it the dedication and devotion it needs to bring it to a conclusion. Whatever this goal is, give it your priority until it is complete.

Then, pick another and do the same thing. Let’s work our way through 2022 one completed goal at a time.